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Pricing & Engagement Models

Choose the engagement model that best suits your needs and benefit from
quality, flexibility and ability to scale.

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Delivering lowest Cost of Ownership

Pricing is a key component of successful project completion and we ensure accurate plans and estimates for varied projects. Our flexible pricing strategies are tailored to ensure maximum possible value for any budget.

Fixed Project Cost Fixed Project Cost

Detailed Project Specs enables Fixed Price quotes

'Everything is simple until you think about it' This quote is true for many software development projects, too.

Fixed-price contracts are more likely to work if the developer (WDI) and the client (you) have deep and clear knowledge of the requirements and technology.

This is what will make it work:
  • You document your needs with the highest level of precision.
  • We will identify the gaps in the project specifications and ask questions.
  • We will draw knowledge from other similar projects and references (Websites or Apps).
  • We have experienced teams that is used to work in such environments.

Our Business Analysis team can help you document your project and give you a fixed price quote.

  • From £750 per Website
  • From £2000 per Mobile App
  • From £5000 per Software Application

Hourly Project CostTime and Material

Out of various engagement models Time and Material (TAM) is the most popular. Because it allows greater control over the project deliverables (tasks) and cost.

This model avoids taking educated guess at high expenses and overpriced changes.

One of the biggest benefits of this model is prioritization of important tasks. Your project is divided into several tasks. Our project managers will advise on importance, level of complexity, way of implementation, and price of this tasks.

Thus, you can prioritize the deliverables depending on their price and relevance to project and importance.

Time and Material model is best suited for you if:
  • When requirements are not precise or specifications cannot be clearly defined.
  • When your project needs a constant flow of additional tasks or enhancements and cannot be predicted in advance.
  • When you require high level of flexibility or change requests may appear during the development process.
  • When you want direct control over the process or certain resources that can influence the project implementation.
  • When project deals with evolving markets, new technologies or untested facilities.

Price Starts From(In US Dollers)

  • Website Development £10 per hour
  • Mobile App Development £12 per hour
  • Software Development £15 per hour
  • Dedicated Resources £500 per week
  • Digital Marketing and SEO £250 per month

Dedicated ResourcesHire Dedicated Team / Resource

Why should you hire a dedicated resource?

If any or few points are missing in your project for a Fixed Price Quote. We suggest a Dedicated Resource where you can implement Agile Scrum development methodology and review the progress for every SPRINT (ideally two weeks).

Businesses that have adopted this model have witnessed a surge in productivity and a drop in the project development cost by up to 60%. So, instead of splurging on training and technological resources, Hiring costs, bench strengths, knowledge transfer and others. Just hire a dedicated resource for a time that you need and we will take care of the rest.

  • Guaranteed 168 hours of delivery time every calendar month. (we work 9 hours a day).
  • Managed by Team Leaders and Project Manager for quality and productivity assurances.
  • Daily communication thru Skype, Email and our Project Management System.
  • Start and stop anytime with no penalty or delay.
  • Choose a resource of your choice of technology and experience.
  • Free use of our vast code libraries and testing facilities.

All this and more for an unreal starting price of just £1200 Per Month (effective cost of about £7 per hour).

  • From £1200/month For 18+ Months Experience
  • From £1500/monthFor 3+ Years Experience
  • From £2000/month For 6+ Years Experience

Our Packages

Compelling is the word we prefer to use when it comes to our prices. Our strong focus on customer requirements and satisfaction ensures that you get the best, always !

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